Charter Bus Service in Charlotte

Charter Bus Service in Charlotte

One of the most popular (and comfortable!) ways to travel is a charter bus, especially if you have a large group! Charter buses are super spacious, and very comfortable, and make for one of the best way to transport a large group across along distance. Our charter buses offer comfortable high-back seats, climate control, PA systems, CD players, and ample room for luggage! When you rent a charter bus you can customize your route, so if you're taking a city tour and heading to an amusement park and a have a specific stop you want to make along the way, we can make sure it happens! And to top it all off, we offer the most affordable prices!

Your safety is of utmost importance to us and that's why we take the necessary steps to ensure your comfort and your safety. We meticulously maintain our vehicle fleet so they're in tip-top shape for you and we only hire the best chauffeurs to operate our buses. No matter what you're renting for, you can count on us!

North Carolina Charter Bus

Our North Carolina charter bus service is exactly what you need for long distance travel that's both comfortable and reliable. So what's the difference between charter buses and party buses? Party buses focus more on the party - colorful lights, wet bars, dancing room, etc. with wrap-around seats, while charter buses offer front-facing seats and focus more on long distance travel with luggage storage for the guests. The comfortable accommodations and luggage space make charter buses ideal for long-distance travel for large groups. Charter bus service is ideal for a wide array of events and we can handle them all! Trips to the casino? Check. Trips to amusement parks? Check. Field trips, fund raisers, and sports teams? Check, check, and check. To find out what we can do for you, give us a call!

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We have a spacious and comfortable charter bus for you!

Charter Bus FAQ

How much does it cost?

Charter bus costs vary depending on when you need service and for how long. For this reason, we suggest calling us at 704-312-7704 or sending us a message with the form on our contact page so we can determine the cost. Rest assured, however, that our prices are always affordable!

Can I smoke or drink alcohol on board?

We do not allow smoking. All of our vehicles are non-smoking. While drinking alcohol is permitted on limousines and party buses (if all guests are of age), drinking is not permitted on charter buses.

Are the buses comfortable?

Absolutely, yes! Our charter buses have high-back seats that allow you to relax, and well as climate control so you can adjust the temperature as desired.

How far can I travel?

As far as you need to! Call us to discuss the specific route/distance you're planning to take so we can find an available bus and determinte your rental costs.

I need service for an overnight trip. Can the bus fit luggage?

Absolutely yes it can! Our spacious charter buses have ample storage space for the luggage of each passenger!

Can children be on the bus?

Yes! In fact, our charter bus service is often relied upon for school field trips!


Our charter buses can not only accommodate large groups of people, but their luggage as well! This is just one of the reasons that make charter bus services great for long distance trips!


Charter buses are certainly some of the largest buses you can rent! Super spacious and with comfortable seating, charter buses are ideal for transportation large groups across North Carolina!

Long distance

Because of their ample space, comfortable seating, and luggage storage capabilities, charter buses are ideal for long distance travel! Much better than cramped cars and car pooling!

Climate control

A ride on our buses is always sure to be entertaining as well as comfortable! Our charter buses have passenger climate control so you can adjust the heat or the AC to your liking!