Wine Tours in Charlotte

Charlotte Wine Tours

Who doesn't love wine? And in Charlotte, wine enthusiasts will find plenty of great places to visit, and more than enough to make a whole day of it! When you're planning a North Carolina wine tour, choosing which wineries to visit and which of your friends will come along, don't forget to plan the transportation! How you get to and from each destination plays a major role in your ability to fully enjoy the day! When you have a big group coming, it can be cumbersome to plan who will drive because maybe the friend that volunteers to be the designated driver only has a small vehicle, leaving you to find a handful of people who want to be the DD, meaning you all ride in separate cars - that's stressful! Instead opt for a limousine or limo bus! This way all of your friends can come on one vehicle and they can all enjoy the wine because our chauffeurs will be at the wheel! As you can see, a limo or limo bus is not only the most convenient, enjoyable, and relaxing way to travel, it's also the responsible choice!

Keep reading below to learn more about our fleet, the services we offer, and to see which North Carolina wineries make our list of the best in the region! When you're ready to plan your transportation, just give us a call!

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Charlotte Wine Tours

Imagine traveling along the picturesque landscape of North Carolina and visiting the region's best vineyards and wine bars during a relaxing day out with your friends. We hope you've imagined this relaxing ride taking place on one of our limousines! A limo is the ideal way to travel, especially if your day or night out is going to include drinking!

Wine Tour FAQ

What are your limousines like?

Our limos are simply luxurious! Each limo has comfortable seating, coolers, and an array of fun features (CD players, satellite radio, TVs, etc.) to make your ride enjoyable and entertaining!

What is the cost?

Cost varies depending on time of rental, length of rental, and size of vehicle. For this reason we cannot post pricing online. However, we can quickly come up with your quote if you give us a call and speak with one of our booking agents!

Do we all need to be at the same pick up location?

No, you do not! We'll pick up each of your guests from their own home if necessary. Just let your driver know what the plan is!

Can we drink on the limos?

Of course! If you find a wine you love at a local vineyard and buy a bottle you can't wait to open, you can certainly open it on the limo!

Seven Jars

One of the most popular wineries in Charlotte, North Carolina is Seven Jars. Seven Jars actually offers all you need to home-brew craft beer and wine, but if you're not ready for that they offer classes on-site! Learning how to make your own wine? It's a wine lovers dream! Private classes are offered, so be sure to contact them to schedule a class for you and your friends! It's a unique experience that we highly suggest!

16148-A Brookshire Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28216 (704) 919-0278

Rocky River Vineyards

Established in 2007, Rocky River Vineyards is one of our favorites! This family owned winery boasts a wide variety of award-winning dry and sweet wines. From Chardonnay to Carbernet to Merlot and several more, Rocky River has a wine for everyone. Their gift shop is worth the visit as well, with unique one-of-a-kind gifts. Stroll the trails and take a self-guided tour of the vineyard, or relax on the porch and enjoy a flight of wine!

11685 Reed Mine Rd, Midland, NC 28107 (704) 781-5035

Cabo Winery

Established in 2014, Cabo Winery has quickly become one of the most-loved wineries in the area! Whether you're connoisseur of wine or a casual drinker, you'll love spending time at Cabo Winery in Concord. The atmosphere here is casual, relaxed, and fun, making it perfect for a day of wine tasting with your friends! Whether you're hitting the town for a bachelorette party, birthday, or just because you love wine, make sure Cabo is on your itinerary!

37 Union St S, Concord NC 28205 (704) 785-9463

Treehouse Vineyards

Treehouse Vineyards is the perfect location for weddings or a day out sipping wine. Treehouse Vinyard has a wonderful staff of friendly and knowledgeable people who will make sure you have a great time during your visit. Stop in and relax, enjoy the gorgeous view of the vineyard and pond, and sample the wonderful variety of wines offered! Our customers always rave about their time at Treehouse, so be sure you make time to check them out!

301 Bay St, Monroe, NC 28112 (704) 283-4208

Hilton Vineyards

Hilton Vineyards is among the highest rated vineyards in the greater Charlotte area! With a lovely location, friendly staff, and impressive wine selection, it's no wonder why! The founders have been making wine in 1971, and officially opened their own vineyard in 2010! However, the vineyard located in Union County is not open to the public, but the Hilton Vineyard Wine Bar in Monroe certainly is! Stop by HIlton Vineyard Wine Bar or Hilton Vineyard at The Vines to sample their great wine!

104 S Main St, Monroe, NC 28112 (704) 776-9565