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Huntersville is an amazingly beautiful area... Enjoy it in our equally amazing luxury party buses & limousines. Doing business with us, will show you exactly what incredible customer service is supposed to look like. Once you've experienced it, there's simply no turning back. You can explore our fleet below or, you can soak in the excellent knowledge provided on this page along with the rest of our site. Like everything we do, we strive to ensure you have all the info you need to make the most informed decision possible.

Party Bus

Enjoy luxury, as it was meant to be. Our party bus selection is the first choice for most of our client's events... and for good reason. Our buses are spacious, filled with amenities, and every bit as opulent as any stretch limousines you're going to find.


Much like our party buses, our limousines & limo buses are an unbelievable choice for any event you might be undertaking. These vehicles are "fan favorites" for nearly any special occasion and are among the most popular we have ever provided to the public.

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The very best party buses & limousines in Huntersville!

When looking for a luxurious party bus or limousine for your event's transportation... There's simply no reason to consider anything less than the very best. It is our number one mission to provide not only the highest level of luxury vehicles, but to also deliver an experience that will make you want to tell everyone you know about us. And, it is our unique approach to doing business which provides you with an unparalleled experience. An experience which you will appreciate from the very first time you speak with us on the phone or, correspond via email. You will come to learn that it is our incredible staff which makes all the difference - and that our vehicles are the smooth, sweet icing on the cake!

There's no second chance to make a good first impression.

It is unfortunate that many throughout our industry and, indeed, throughout the corporate world altogether... That customer service is often a second thought when it comes to building a lasting company. When we were first brainstorming our processes, our foundational beliefs were centered around how we can best break this mold and become the "new norm" in the luxury transportation field. We decided that no matter what, we wanted to ensure that every client we have the good fortune of assisting, gets treated to the very best experience possible. From this notion, we settled on a plan of action that made sure we prioritized having the most dedicated, friendly staff we could find. We put this plan of action into place on day one, and we haven't let up since. Our staff is, without any doubt, the very best in the party bus and limousine industry.

Getting answers should never be difficult.

We believe that getting assistance at any time, answers to questions, or even a price quote - is something that should never be difficult. For this reason, we keep our lines of communication open 24 hours a day, each and every single day of the year. To us, it is only sensible to have our lines open at all times since, our vehicles can be on the road at all times. We want you to be confident in your choice, and have the reassurance that assistance is always available to you.

Accessible pricing.

We do everything in our power to not only provide access to our agents whenever you require it... We also work to keep our services as accessible to as many budget points as we are able to. We handle our rates a bit differently than other companies. Throughout our industry, you might find that companies will set their pricing for the year regardless of their own costs. Typically this requires them to charge more, overall. Even when they have low demand and lower operating costs. We are different. Our accounting team is analyzing all conditions relevant to pricing, on an ongoing basis. So, whenever the opportunity is there for us to lower our prices to pass along our savings to you... That is precisely what we do. The only negative to this is that you'll need to reach out to us for a price quote. But, do not worry. Our process for quoting clients is streamlined and quick. Just have the date, time, location, and number of passengers ready for our reps and they will have a quote for you in moments.

Turn up the music!

Wherever you're going, and whatever you may be celebrating... Turn up the volume and enjoy your favorite tunes with our audiophile grade HD sound systems. You'll enjoy the flexibility of being able to plug in your own media (iPod/iPhone/Android/MP3 Players) or use your own CDs!

Sit Back & Relax

Enjoy the deepest comfort and the highest level of luxury while on the road with us! We feature the finest leather seating which are accompanied with private tinted windows and the coolest fiber optic mood lighting that will add a colorful ambiance to your journey.

Enjoy your drinks!

It is not an everyday occurrence to be able to "drink on the road". This is one of the biggest perks of renting from a licensed limo company. Our chauffeur will professionally handle the driving, as you get to enjoy any and all adult (or other) beverages you've brought along for the trip.

Stay Entertained

A common analogy many use... Is that our buses & limos are like a "night club on wheels". How true. You will get to enjoy HD TVs, BluRay/DVD capability and the aforementioned sound system that will handle both music and movies for your party's entertainment.



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